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Apex Tactical

Magazine Base Pad Extension for FNX 45


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    The FNX Magazine Base Pad Extension adds two and half (2.5) rounds to the existing standard capacity magazine for the FNX 45 model pistols. "Why is it 2.5 rounds, not 2 and not 3," you ask? Our mag extension provides space for 2 additional rounds to be loaded, and it leaves enough space for the stack to further compress the magazine spring to allow a fully loaded magazine to be seated with the slide in battery.

    - Adds 2.5 rounds of additional capacity to your magazine

    - Maintains function of the slide lock after the last round is fired

    - Finger grooves on the perimeter and front corner finger grooves make tripping a hard mag easy

    - Machined from aluminum and Black Type III Hardcoat Anodized for durability

    - Single set screw keeps mag extension snugly in place and allows for ease of disassembly

    - Easy to install

    For Use In These Guns

    For use with standard capacity magazines for FNX 45

      Does Not Fit These Guns

      Not tested or approved for use with 10 round magazines

      What's in the Box?  

       1 ea. Aluminum Magazine Extension

      1 ea. 0.050" L-Key Allen Wrench

      1 ea. #4-40 Set Screw