Buying Ammo in CA

Buying Ammo in CA

Buying Ammo in California?

You will need a Valid CA ID (Current Name, Non-Expired), if P.O. Box is on ID or address is not current, customers must provide current address.

License says "Federal Limits Apply"? For more information CLICK HERE.


$1 per transaction Eligibility Check is for customers with:

- At least 1 firearm record in the AFS (Automated Firearm System) that matches your current info (Current Address and Name) such as:

  • Long gun purchased since '18
  • Handgun purchased since "95

- Check is nearly instant - 3 minutes on average


$19 per transaction Eligibility Check is best for those who have not made a qualifying purchase or current info doesn't match AFS record:

• To track basic eligibility check, visit:

• To update a gun record in AFS, visit: