Red dot sights, whether they are reflex sights or holographic weapon sights, are popular for good reasons: They are fast and easy to use without being imprecise.

These sights have a glaring weakness, though.

Red dot sights lack magnification. Having a good red dot magnifier can help improve your long-range accuracy tremendously. When shooting with a red dot or holographic weapon sight, you can tell the difference.

The standard rule of thumb for long-ranged shooting is to use 1x of magnification for every 100 yards you’ll be shooting. This holds up for hunting and combat sights, though target shooters seeking small groupings will use more magnification than this.

Red dot sights, being unmagnified, are therefore most suited for shooting out to 100 yards or less.

Adding a magnifier behind your red dot sight fixes this problem. In fact, most modern magnifiers flip to the side so you can take advantage of your sight’s speed for closer-in shooting, magnifying your optic for slower, more accurate fire!

We offer a wide variety of optic magnifiers with different mounting options that allow you to quickly engage or disengage the magnifier by quickly flipping it side-to-side. Whether you’re looking for a fixed-power or variable-power magnifier, we’ve got you covered with the best equipment in the industry from the top brands. Take a look at our selection today and upgrade your favorite rifle and weapon sight with a new red dot magnifier from GunUpTactical!