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Gun Fighters Inc

GunFightersINC Kenai Light Bearing Chest Holster


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The Kenai Chest Holsters' harness is designed for all day comfort during whatever outdoor activity you might be doing.

The buckles are strategically located to be out of way of pack straps, rifle slings and bino slings. The wide, flat webbing maximizes comfort while preventing chaffing or hot spots. It’s adjustable for most body types and can be worn low or high on the chest, depending on what you're doing.

The harness has a 4 way stretch yoke to increase comfort and mobility. The yoke was designed so that it sits flat to reduce pressure points while wearing a backpack - an important consideration when carrying a heavy load.

All our products are built in the USA, with premium US made materials. We don't skimp on quality, so you can be assured that your holster will perform as you need it to.


(Note: the photos shown represent the color scheme and general overall shape of the holster. The silhouette of the gun model will differ depending on the type of gun you're purchasing for)