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Apex Tactical

Forward Set Trigger Kit for Sig P320


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    Utilizing the patented Apex Forward Set Trigger Bar, the Forward Set Trigger Kit for the Sig P320 delivers a major upgrade in trigger pull performance. When properly installed, this kit will:


    – Reduce trigger pull weight by approx. 30%

    – Reduce trigger travel approx. 30%

    – Reduce reset approx. 20%

    – Smooth uptake

    – In X-Series models, does not reduce pull weight but does reduce overall travel by approximately 10%

    – Maintains factory drop safety values


    For Use In These Guns

    For use in the Sig Sauer P320 pistols (with factory safety upgrade) with or without thumb safety, including the X-Series models. However, due to different internal dimensions of the mold, use in the Sub-Compact Grip Module is NOT recommended.

    Now featuring our thumb safety compatable trigger bar.



    Does Not Fit These Guns

    Not for use in non-factory upgraded P320 pistols.

    Does NOT function in the Sig Sauer P250.

    What's in the Box?  

    1 ea. Flat or Curved Advanced Trigger

    1 ea. Forward Set Trigger Bar

    1 ea. Over-Travel Stop

    1 ea. Over-Travel Stop Spring