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Apex Tactical

Failure Resistant Extractor for Sig Sauer P320


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    The Apex Failure Resistant Extractor for Sig Sauer P320 pistols is designed with a more robust extractor claw, as well as improved geometry, to produce a more durable extractor that will deliver consistent extraction and a more uniform ejection pattern. Please note that this extractor has not been tested for use with aftermarket slides and/or barrels due to variations in the manufacturing of those aftermarket components.

    - Consistent, reliable extraction based on improved geometry of the extractor hook

    - Machined from high quality stainless steel for added durability.


    For Use In These Guns

    For use in all Sig Sauer P320 pistols in 9mm, .40S&W, and .357SIG calibers

    Designed and tested with Sig Sauer P320 factory slide and barrel only.



    Does Not Fit These Guns

     Not for use in non-factory upgraded P320 pistols. 

    Does NOT function in the Sig Sauer P250.

    What's in the Box?  

    •  1 ea. Apex Failure Resistant Extractor for Sig Sauer P320 Pistols