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Apex Tactical

Extended Mag Releases for FN 509


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    The Apex Extended Mag Release for the FN 509 model pistols is single side activated and a direct replacement for the factory magazine release. It incorporates an extended length to the mag release button and improves performance by making it easier to engage and release a magazine. Machined from bar stock steel, fully heat treated and finished in Black Oxide.

    - Direct drop-in replacement of factory magazine release

    - Uni-directional – Choose Left Hand or Right Hand based on your shooting hand

    - Angled and serrated face for easier mag releases

    - Easy to install

    For Use In These Guns

    For use in all variants of the FN 509, FNS-C, and FNS model pistols. This includes the LS Edge, MRD, and Tactical models.

      Does Not Fit These Guns

        NOT for use in the FNX-45 or earlier series pistols Fitting
        Note: Though they look similar to the FNX-9&40cal mag releases, We have NOT tested them for use in the FNX-9&40 or earlier series pistols, so we are not able to advise if they will work or not.

      What's in the Box?  

      1 ea. Single Sided Extended Magazine Release