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Apex Tactical

Evolution IV Revolver Hammer Kit


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    The Apex Evolution IV Hammer Kits transforms your revolver into a high-performance wheelgun. Designed using the same pinned sear and stirrup found on the Performance Center hammer, the kit replaces MIM components and, when properly tuned, can take your factory DAO trigger pull from 12+ lbs. down to an amazing competition-ready 4.0 lbs – but you’ll want to handload at that point. This hammer converts your revolver to Double Action Only (DAO).

    For Use In These Guns

    Part# 108-001 Works with all modern K-Frame and L-Frame Smith & Wesson revolvers with a frame mounted firing pin.

    Part# 108-002 Works with all modern N-Frame Smith & Wesson revolvers with a frame mounted firing pin.

    NOTES:  Gunsmith fitting is recommended but not always necessary.

    Does Not Fit These Guns

    Not for use in rimfire model revolvers.

    What's in the Box?  

    1 ea. Apex Evolution IV Hammer

    1 ea. Apex Fully Machined Revolver Sear (pre-installed)

    1 ea. Apex Sear Spring (pre-installed)

    1 ea. Stirrup and Pins (pre-installed)

    1 ea. Duty/Carry Rebound Slide Spring (Green)

    1 ea. Competition Rebound Slide Spring (Silver)

    1 ea. Apex Firing Pin

    1 ea. Firing Pin Return Spring