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1791 Gunleather

Carbon Fiber Belt Holster - BH1


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PROJECT STEALTH  is the perfect marriage between carbon fiber and leather. You get the comfort of body-conforming leather belt loops up against your hips, along with the virtual indestructibility and whisper-quiet of carbon fiber. House your Browning, Colt, Kimber, or Sig Sauer in a sturdy, stealth black carbon fiber belt holster to enjoy the best of both worlds.

What Is A Carbon Fiber Belt Holster?

You’ll see many imitators made to look like carbon fiber out of plastic, but real, honest-to-goodness carbon fiber holsters are made from thin sheets of flexible carbon atom filaments, bound together with plastic polymer resin by heat, and pressurized into a composite material that is both light and strong. The real strength of our carbon fiber is in the complexity of our weave. In addition to carbon fiber gun holsters, you may also see this material in high-end automobile components, bicycle frames, fishing rods, protective iPhone cases, drones, and Formula-1 race cars!

Advantages of Carbon Fiber Gun Holsters

Carbon fiber is a great investment, as these gun holsters will almost last forever. Like Kydex thermoplastics, carbon fiber holsters provide a stiff, stable place for your gun to hang out. They perform well in all different types of weather and require no maintenance. The draw and re-holstering is equally smooth, with silent performance that will never give you away before you’re ready. Many people like the look of stealth black corrugated carbon fiber.

With other manufacturers, carbon fiber can sometimes feel rigid up against your hip, but we’ve solved that problem by pairing it with our comfortable leather! You’ll also note the price is slightly higher than with 100% leather, as it costs more to manufacture and is not easily mass-produced.


The Carbon Fiber BH1 works well with most 4″ and 5″ 1911’s with full and half rails. If you don’t see your gun make and model listed here, be sure to check out the entire Project Stealth lineup to find the right fit. Contact us with specific inquiries. We’re happy to help you find the best holster for your individual needs. Contact us for specific model inquiries.

    We Want You to Know

    Our love and appreciation of the Second Amendment goes hand-in-hand with our passion for the art of Gunleather and its representation of the original patriots of this great nation. Housing and protecting your coveted firearms with carefully handcrafted holsters is akin to protecting our loved ones and our cherished freedoms.

    *Available for right hand only.

    Additional Information

     Firearm Brands and Models

    1911 4"& 5" up to Half Rail / Browning HP / Colt 1911 4" &  5" / Kimber 1911 5" / Rock Island 1911 4" &  5" / Sig Sauer 1911 4" & 5" / Springfield 1911 4" & 5" / And similar frames

    Color Stealth
    Handend Variations Right