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American Defense MFG

ASP Single Point Sling


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    ASP Single Point Sling

    The ASP™ sling is the simplest, most rugged, highest quality single point sling available. Its modular design allows it to be used with nearly any weapon platform on the market through a variety of modular weapon adapters. It enables the operator unlimited freedom of movement while ensuring a high level of retention. It excels in applications where cross shoulder transition, high speed transition from rifle to sidearm, and weapon retention are top priority.

    The ASP™ sling was designed around the following parameters:

    • Must utilize the Gear Sector™ modular weapon attachment system.
    • Must function identical for both right and left hand shooters.
    • Must be able to be quickly removed in an emergency situation.
    • Must be able to be deployed in a variety of positions.

      Materials & Construction

      The ASP™ sling is constructed using multiple base materials. Material and finish processes are outlined below:

      • Material: MIL-W-5625 Tubular nylon webbing
      • Material: MIL-VT-295 #69 Bonded nylon thread
      • Material: ITW GhillieTex™ brand hardware
      • Construction: Double box stitch assembly
      • Compliance: 100% Berry Amendment Compliant
      • Origin: Proudly Made in the USA

        Package Contents

        The ASP™ comes complete with the following components:

        • 1ea. ASP™ Single Point Sling
        • 1ea. Auxiliary adapter