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Browning Ammo

7mm Rem Mag - Browning Ammo - Solid Expansion BXS, 139GR., 20BX


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Browning Ammunition - 7mm REM MAG, 139 Grain, Solid Expansion Polymer Tip

BXS Solid Expansion Big Game & Deer is strategically designed to leave a lethal mark on large game with tough hide. The polymer tipped copper bullet is constructed for controlled expansion and deep penetration, creating a devastating impact. The nickel-plated shellcases resist corrosion and improve feeding, so you can quickly deliver with knockdown.


    • 20 Rounds/Box
    • 7mm Rem Mag
    • 139 Grain
    • Solid Expansion BXS Polymer Tip
    • Muzzle Velocity: 2150 fps
    • Perfect for Hunting & Target
        Please note: a 1x-shipping fee of $44 for "Hazardous Materials Disposal Fee" applies to this product.