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Apex Tactical

1911 Barrel Fitting Jig


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    Designed by master gunsmith Randy Lee, the Apex Barrel Fitting Jig is what you want on your workbench when it’s time to fit a 1911 barrel. The jig holds 1911 barrels in the correct position to precisely file the barrel hood (length and width) for proper fitting to your slide. Why you need this indispensable tool:

    – Aids in the proper fitting and installation of 1911 barrels, including bull barrels

    – Underside machined to easily secure in the jaws of a vise for a stable platform

    For Use In These Guns

    Works with all 1911 barrels, including bull barrels.

      What's in the Box?  

      1 ea. Apex 1911 Barrel Fitting Jig