Brux Barrels



Owner Norman Brux has been in the world of machines since he built his first rifle at 14. He was trade-school trained as a tool, die and mold maker, earning his apprenticeship at E. A. Schmid, and honed his mold-making skills at F. J. Sipos.

Norm move to Wisconsin and started KNB Tool Company in 1986, and founded Brux Barrels in 2006. His parents were German immigrants and his father Klaus purchased rifle-making machinery, aware that vintage equipment was the key to quality machining. Norm rebuilt and re-engineered these machines to provide the tolerances necessary for efficient, flexible barrel fabrication.

His love for the work and the sport make Brux the barrel of choice for many of the world's finest competition shooters.

Owner Ken Clemens is a native of Wisconsin, working on the family farm before beginning a career with Marshall Erdman's Techline company that spanned 30 years. Ken worked at Techline for many years with Ken Liebetrau, who left to begin making barrels at Brux. Ken followed him to Brux, and after Liebetrau's retirement recently, partnered with Norm as co-owner of Brux Barrels LLC.

Ken's manufacturing experience, dedication to quality craftmanship and customer service guarantee that the name Brux represents the very best custom rifle barrels available.

What's the Secret?

Folks often ask why Brux barrels shoot so well. “What’s the secret?”. To make a cut-rifled barrel you have to start off with the proper ingredients: the best steel available, the best tools in the industry, skill, and experience. Since there are really only two main suppliers of barrel-quality steel, the skill and experience is what really makes a barrel maker stand out.