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Apex Tactical

Apex Optic Mount for Aimpoint® Acro Series - Sig P320 R2 Slide Cut


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The Apex Optic Mount is designed to securely mount the Aimpoint® Acro series optics to the slide of the Sig Sauer P320 Legion, P320 M17/M18, and other models featuring the R2 slide cut. The Apex Optic Mount comes either with or without an integrated rear sight. The integrated rear sight also acts as a gas shield to keep class cleaner longer.

The Apex Optic Mount with integrated rear sight for the R2 slide cut is set up to co-witness in the bottom 25% of the optic window. Requires a tall front sight for co-witness. Two different sight height packages are available. Select option based on barrel length.

- Designed to fit the slide of the Sig Sauer P320 with an R2 slide cut

- Works with models equipped with the factory Loaded Chamber Indicator

- Sights regulated for POA=POI at 15 yds with 124 gr. NATO ammunition (applies to 112-009-RS-357 & 112-009-RS-373 only)


For Use In These Guns

Works on the Sig Sauer pistols with a rev2 (-R2) slide cut, including the P320 XFIVE Legion, P320-M17, P320-M18, P320 XFULL, P320 XCARRY, P320 XCOMPACT, and P320 XVTAC

   - Any Sig P320 pistol with "-R2" in the SKU

Part# 112-009: Does not include integrated rear sight and will fit any P320 pistol with R2 slide cut.

Part# 112-009-RS-357: Includes integrated rear sight and accompanying front sight(.357" blade height). Select this option for P320 models with a 5.0” barrel (i.e. Legion). 

Part# 112-009-RS-373: Includes integrated rear sight and accompanying front sight(.373" blade height). Select this option for P320 models with a 4.7” or shorter barrel (i.e. M17 or M18).



Does Not Fit These Guns

Sig Sauer P320 models with RX or RX Pro (RXP) slide cuts. 

What's in the Box?   

1 ea. Apex Optic Mount for the Aimpoint® Acro Series

2 ea. Mounting Screws - Thread Locking Patch pre-applied (torque to 20 in-lb only)

1 ea. Tall Front Sight (applies to 112-009-RS-357 & 112-009-RS-373 only)