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Browning Ammo

9mm - Browning Ammo - BPT TARGET, 147GR. FMJ, 50BX


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Browning Ammunition - 9mm 147 Grain, FMJ 50 Round/BX

Browning Ammunition's Training & Practice ammo has an FMJ bullet with a reloadable brass case. It comes packaged 50 round box.

BPT Performance Target is a premium training product that can be used to hone your handgun skills. This full metal jacket rounds feature a black nickel shellcase for improved reliability and feeding. It's a matched training counterpart to BXP Personal Defense. Confidence at the range with BPT Performance Target means confidence in real personal defense situations.


    • 50 Rounds/Box
    • 9mm Luger
    • 115 Grain
    • Full Metal Jacket
    • Muzzle Velocity: 1000 fps
    • Perfect for Target Shooting & Training
        Please note: a 1x-shipping fee of $44 for "Hazardous Materials Disposal Fee" applies to this product.