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50 Round Ammo Box 1.17"


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All Berry’s Ammo Boxes are made from high impact polypropylene for increased strength against cracking, chipping, warping, expansion, or contraction. Our Model #401 50 round boxes feature our new, stronger, flip-top design, allowing the securing of ammo storage with easy one-handed operation. Along with a translucent lid, they now come with a black base for increased strength and a clean look. They are stackable, they carry a lifetime warranty, and they are made in the USA.

  • Available in Blue, Smoke, and Clear lid colors.
  • #401 Ammo Box Cell Dimensions: 1.17” OAL x .40”.

        Caliber Fit

        • .380 ACP
        • 9mm
        • .25 Auto
        • .25 NAA
        • .30 Luger
        • .32 Auto
        • .32 NAA
        • .32 Short Colt
        • .32 S&W
        • 9 x 18mm Makarov