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5.56 X 45mm - Aguila Ammunition - Rifle, NATO FMJBT, 55GR. 300RD/BX


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Aguila Ammunition - 5.56 X 45mm, 55 Grain, NATO Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail, Rifle 300 Round/Box

KICK SOME SERIOUS BRASS. From target shooting and hunting to tactical applications, its unique boat tail design gives precision shooters greater accuracy and consistency at long ranges. It was designed with a cleaner-burning propellant (powder). This means less time having to clean the barrel and a reduced recoil for maximum fun at the range.


    • 300 Rounds/Box
    • 5.56 X 45mm NATO
    • 55 Grain
    • Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail
    • Muzzle Velocity: 3260 fps
    • Target Shooting - Range
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