Dillon Precision

How do you operate Dillon Precision reloading equipment?

Reloading presses from Dillon Precision perform the same basic function of giving you usable casings. Different models perform this differently, and some may have added functionality. In order to get the reloading machine from Dillon Precision that will fit your needs, its important to first understand some of the different ways that Dillon components operate.

  • Some Dillon Precision reloaders are divided into stations, with each station performing a different function. Turning the handle or lever allows you to switch to a different station, thus moving to a different step in the reloading process.
  • The first station typically allows you to resize and de-prime the cartridges. Some reloading stations are able to load more than one cartridge type, resizing for each one.
  • Next, youll drop in the powder you need to make the casing effective.
  • The third station typically checks the primer youve just loaded.
  • A fourth turret seats the casing properly, depending on the caliber you require. After this, youll crimp, trim, or adjust as needed.

What accessories can you add to a reloading press?

Many basic Dillon Precision Gun Reloading Presses and Accessories come with everything youll need to get started handloading your own casings. However, there are additions you can buy to enhance the functionality and versatility of your Dillon Precision machine.

  • An electric case feeder from Dillon Precision gives you the freedom to simply dump several casings in one location. Once you turn the feeder on, it will automatically orient your casings or shells mouth-side up and fill the feed tube. It has an auto-shutoff to help prevent overflowing, and will turn back on when the tube starts to run low.
  • A Dillon Precision low powder alarm will automatically alert you if your reserves are getting low.
  • A Dillon Precision bullet tray is helpful for catching brass as its ejected. Depending on your requirements, some bullet trays work with regular models and others require Dillon strong mounts.
  • Investing in extra dies will provide you with replacements and allow you to work on multiple bullet calibers.

What other Dillon Precision parts are available?

Besides the machine itself, and accessories that provide you with a host of useful features, there are other things from Dillon Precision you can add. These related components will enhance your experience and make it easier, quicker, and more efficient.

  • A spare parts kit from Dillon Precision will include such items as seating punches, springs, magazine orifices, and more.
  • Dillon Precision polish will enhance the shine of your brass casings and add a protective finish to each one.
  • A Dillon Precision cartridge counter will help you keep track of your progress.

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