The Lever Action Rifle for Self-Defense
Wed, Oct 28, 2020 by Marketing Team

This old-school, but reliable, gun design can make for a solid defensive firearm, especially for those in 'restricted' states

Lever Action Rifle

There is no question that an MSR in .223 Rem. is the best defensive long gun to protect your home, family, and life. But what if you are one of those poor unfortunate souls who live where the government doesn’t trust you enough to allow you to buy a detachable-magazine-fed semiautomatic rifle?

Well, one obvious answer is to move, but moving is not always feasible. Sometimes we get “stuck” for job or family reasons, or we simply don’t want to live elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean you have to break the law to protect yourself.

One alternative to consider is a lever-action carbine chambered for a pistol cartridge. These guns are a surprisingly effective alternative. Because levers are an old design and were seen in every cowboy movie ever made, many people don’t pay much attention to them. Anti-gunners tend go after scary looking guns, but nobody thinks that Gene Autry’s gun is all that scary looking. So for the most part the lever-actions are legal and socially acceptable.

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