Ammo Update: Panic Buying Continues

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Ammo Update: Panic Buying Continues

AUGUST 2020: Where can a law-abiding citizen find handgun ammo? And what's available?

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The year 2020 deserves a lengthy chapter in future history books. From the Coronavirus pandemic, to the subsequent closures and stay-at-home orders, to the social-justice protests, there’s been plenty for Americans to worry about. These factors, combined with rising unemployment and an uncertain economy, have caused a spike in gun and ammunition sales. The citizens of our nation are catching on to what gun owners have long recognized: the world is a volatile and sometimes dangerous place. The person you must rely on most for your personal security is you.

Panic buying started in March and has lasted for months since. Ammunition supplies are depleted. Defensive ammo for handguns is extremely hard to locate in certain parts of the U.S., but you don’t have to be searching for .380 ACP or 9mm to feel the impact of prolonged panic buying. Ammunition manufacturers are scrambling to keep pace with demand that far outstrips supply. You can bet that some lower-volume ammunition is going to sell out and won’t be restocked anytime soon. If an ammo company has already sold more 9mm ammo than they had in stock, do you think they’ll stop and retool their machines to make a batch of .357 SIG ammo, for example? Not likely. Once the current supply of .357 SIG is depleted, it’s going to be some time before ammo makers have breathing room to start making loads that are less in-demand. (The .357 SIG remains excellent for defensive use, but popularity decides production.)

Let’s take a look at the most in-demand handgun ammunition and see what’s available, and what it’ll cost.

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